Well , Started Waist Training Finally

Before starting waist training you have to make one commitment to yourself; that you will listen to your body! The moment it starts to hurt, you need to take the waist cincher off and give your abdomen a rest. You won’t be able to tell if your body is in pain or discomfort while you are sleeping.

So, in short, it is okay to sleep in a waist cincher as long as you are taking a short nap or sleeping for no more than three hours.

Moreover, a healthy adult needs 8 hours of quality sleep every single night. Wearing a waist cincher can affect the quality of your sleep and you will probably wake up tired and short of breath. It is never a good idea to sleep under unnatural conditions. Doctors and researchers suggest that one should wear loose clothes before going to the bed.

If you do sleep in a waist cincher, chances are that your sleep quality will suffer and in extension, so will your health. You will probably wake up without having a proper rest and your day too, will suffer.

Waist cinchers have also known to affect both oxygen intake and the blood flow to vital organs. It also squishes the liver and kidneys. Do you really think that it is wise to put your body through that torture for 7-8 hours every night?

Our bodies have a natural self-healing mechanism that usually works only during sleep. It would be wise to not disrupt that natural process by putting your body though unnatural stress.

Instead, it is better to wear the waist cincher an hour after having breakfast. That too, not too tightly to inhibit proper breathing. That way, you will be mindful of all the things that you eat throughout the day, plus, you will only eat as much as your stomach deems necessary.

As mentioned earlier, it is okay to sleep in waist cincher for short amounts of time. You may wear it while taking an afternoon nap.

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